My goal is to be professional in all situations. I will respect your time and value your choice in allowing me to serve you with your notary needs. When you schedule your signing I am committed to you. 


Licensed & Trained

I am trained by professional organizations, such as American Society of Notaries, National Notary Association and Notary Coach. I am also trained and familiar with Washington State Notary Laws and requirements.


Notary Public Bond

I carry the required Washington State Notary Bond of $10,000 to protect you, the client. Documentation can be provided upon request.


Additional level of Insurance

I carry an additional Errors and Omission Insurance Policy of $100,000 in the event an error or accident occurs. Documentation can be provided upon request.


Background Check Approved

I have passed The Signing Professional Work-group background screening standards and renewal each year for continued compliance.  


Attention to Detail

I provide exceptional attention to detail to make sure the signing is completed. I double and triple check to make sure no spots for signatures or initials are missed.


What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is appointed or commissioned by the designated authority in his or her state to perform certain functions, or “notarial acts.” A notary also acts as an impartial witness in the execution of documents, helping to deter fraud and promote the integrity of document transactions. Notaries provide a variety of services. Their primary duties, though, are to take acknowledgments, or administer oaths/affirmations, for the execution of documents. In performing these duties, a notary adds value and trust to document transactions by screening for, or ensuring that:
      • The signer indicates comprehension of the document’s contents and effect
      • The signer is truly willing to sign the document for its stated purposes, or to swear to its truthfulness (no coercion)
       • The person appearing for the notarial act is indeed the person named in the document as the signer
      • The document presented for notarization displays all the characteristics that enable the  notary to proceed lawfully (which lessons the potential for document

These assurances are evidenced by the notary’s completed notarial certificate, on the face of the document or attached to it. The notarial certificate displays the notary’s official signature and seal of office. 

The information presented on this page was collected from public sources and is provided only as a service. No attempt was made to interpret state or federal laws or dispense legal advice. Please contact an attorney for any legal advice and guidance. JT Notary is not a legal firm or associated with a legal firm and does not prepare or offer advice on the preparation or execution of documents outside of the notarial authority.