Standard Fee Sheet

Certifying that an event has occurred or an act has been performed.
Administering an oath or affirmation.
Certifying or attesting a copy.
Taking an acknowledgment or a verification upon oath or affirmation.
Witnessing or attesting a signature.

(1) The maximum fees a notary may charge for notarial acts are:

WAC 308-30-220: Fees for notarial acts

(2) A notary public need not charge for notarial acts.
(3) A notary public may not charge fees for receiving or noting a protest of a negotiable instrument.
(4) A notary public may additionally charge the actual costs of copying any instrument or record.
(5) A notary public may charge a travel fee when traveling to perform a notarial act if:
         (a) The notary public and the individual requesting the notarial act agree upon the travel fee in advance of the                    travel; and
         (b) The notary public explains to the individual requesting the notarial act that the travel fee is in
              addition to the notarial fee in subsection (1) of this section and is not required by law.

Travel fee is biased off of set Travel Zones by Zip Code.

Witness Fee is $50 per witness for people that I provide for the signing, otherwise you can provide your own witness. If you wish that I provide a witness, we will have to have a set reservation confirmed by all parties. I will do my best to work with everyone's schedule. 

To comply with the laws of Washington State notarial acts and the above outlined fees, we have included this fee schedule. When you fill out a quote request you will receive a customized outline of estimated charges biased on the info you provided us in the form. After receiving the quote and you agree on the estimated price you can schedule a signing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. 

Updated: 3/02/2019